Hello and welcome to my personal homepage. 

I am associate professor at Mathematics Department, UFC.

I obtained bachelor in Computer Science at UFC. After that I got the MSc and DSc in Applied Mathematics at Visgraf-IMPA. Both degrees were under supervision of Prof. Luiz Velho. My DSc thesis was co-advised by Prof. Hélio Lopes.

During the period of 2012-2013, I visited the New York University for a postdoctoral program under supervision of Prof. Claudio Silva.

My research area is Computer Graphics and I have some works on topics related to Geometric Modeling, Computational Topology, Topological Data Strucures, Geometry Processing, Sampling Theory and Discrete Differential Geometry. I am also interested in 3D Photography.

My resumé is avaiable from the Brazilian lattes system.
CV in english available upon request.


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